David Abashidze Stadium (West tribune)

Zestafoni David Abashidze (former Central) Stadium, that was built by Zestafoni Ferro-alloy Plant, started operating in 1952. Though a couple of matches were held on the Stadium before its opening in 1951.

In 1952-1989 and 1999-2003 participant of Georgian Championship, FC “Metallurgi” held matches on the Zestafoni Central Stadium, in 1990-1998 it was a home Stadium for FC “Margveti”.

Since 2004 FC “Zestafoni” is holding domestic matches on the Stadium.  In 1981 reconstruction works were done on arena, west stand was roofed, east stand was constructed, after these works capacity of the Stadium increased to 8000 seats. In 2004, after establishing FC “Zestafoni”, Central Stadium was repaired and is still being repaired to renew the arena and comply with international standards.  In 2005 works were done to renew the grass surface on the Stadium. Georgian workers have constructed new drainage system of German technology. Field is watered by a watering system of an American Company “Rainbird” (by the way this watering system was successfully used on 8 Stadiums during 2004 European Championship in Portugal).

On the Zestafoni David Abashidze Stadium field surface “Natural Green Carpet” is made by Turkish Firm “Chimeks”.

FC “Zestafoni” management plans to build a new base for the club. Relevant infrastructure is being made Gym is repaired, building of new tribunes with personal seats is finished, along with the installment of a modern score-board. Today capacity of the Stadium increased to 4 558 individual seats.  Thus, everything is done for one purpose -  for Zestafoni to become a new bright spot on the football map of Georgia!  On 9 April 2010 the Stadium was named after David Abashidze who contributed tremendously to the development and revival of football in Zestafoni.